Civic space, threats to democracy and EU elections

According to the Eurobarometer survey carried out a year before the 2024 EU elections, democracy is the core value that citizens want the European Parliament to defend. All over Europe, civil society actors promote and protect democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights, make sure that underrepresented voices are heard, and support governments and institutions in […]

European students’ community to ensure the involvement of youth

  “The European Students’ Union (ESU) represents almost 20 million students from 40 different countries. The main aim of the organisation is to represent the interests of the students at the European level. ESU also aims to strengthen the student participation and input on local, national and European level. This all creates a wide student […]

Inspiring social change

  “Effective civic participation means being able to shape decisions that affect our lives. This ability, however, is not given: it has to be built, then translated into action. Inter Alia’s Heart Point of Civic Intervention is the space where collective needs, concerns and demands are articulated and voiced in public. It is a cross-border […]

What role for civil society in protecting European democracy?

A thriving civic space is an important pillar of healthy democracies, one of the core values that EU citizens and people want to be defended by the European Parliament. However, a series of challenges still limits the space for civil society in the EU and the opportunities to meaningfully contribute to policy making. On 19 […]

Democracy is the most important value for the EU to defend

With 6 months to go until the EU elections 2024, 37% of Europeans say that the most important value for the European Parliament to defend and prioritise is democracy. To make sure our democracies are strengthened, it is important to protect fundamental rights and people’s right to be heard! Civil society actors play a fundamental […]